Becoming A Kitchen Thief

you cant unscramble eggsEvery great food story starts with a steal. Ingredients added secretely, recipes that don’t match the final dish, the origin of many globally renowned dishes is still disputed,  harsh criticism is bringing death to the kitchen… The list goes on and on.

The world of food and cooking has always been filled with conspiracies, treason, jealousy and, of course, robbery. Cooks have always been stealing from each other: a flavor combination, a technique or a secret ingredient to make our dishes even better.

In cooking -like in any other art form- originality is undetected robbery. Any great cook is a con artist. And now it’s your turn to become one too.

Go on. Try new recipes. Change them, tweak them, make them yours (even if you simply follow my directions). Congratulations on becoming a Kitchen Thief!



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