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Why Another Food Recipe Blog?

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Yeah, I know, there are thousands of food blogs out there. But this was a pending matter.

I’ve always wanted to but never had time (I guess I succeeded at procrastinating). I’ve been posting pictures of my food regularly on Facebook and got people asking for the recipes. So it was about time that I started sharing them, not just with my friends, but with everyone.

I always smile reading comments from people that feel amazed by what I cook: “Too fancy”, “Please adopt me” “I wish I could cook like that”. Believe me, cooking a great meal is easier than you think. So here are my recipes and tips. No more excuses. Now it’s your turn to stop procrastinating too. By becoming a Kitchen Thief you will be able to turn complex techniques into an approachable dish.

I’m very intuitive and obsessive at the same time. The challenge was to reconstruct many dishes -ingredients, steps, proportions- that I cooked in the past out of intuition or imagination. Hopefully my obsessive determination to recreate the recipes will help you enjoy the same flavor experiences.

Feel free to steal recipes or tricks. Social media mentions, links and proper attribution, are always appreciated. Share your feedback, it will help my blog become better over time.

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